Anyone have any suggestions (especially from personal experience) for herbal preparations that could help me combat Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)?

Things are not so good my end. I moved from Sydney to Tasmania (November last year), got poisoned in a brand new unit I tried to rent (the air toxics from the new carpet, glues, paints, particle board cabinets, etc.), had to abandon the lease (lost two week's rent, but got the bond back), got into a second unit & discovered that I'd been so badly injured by the exposure to toxic chemical vapours in the first unit that I was or became even more metabolically injured than before...

So I am now sickened by the second unit (mostly from the air toxics given off by the particle board kitchen cabinets), but am stuck here now and unable to move out. My son is with me and is fortunately not really affected by the unit. It's my MCS that's through the roof. Problem is, is that here in New Norfolk there is a winter fog and smog problem of considerable proportions. I'm hyper-sensitive to wood smoke and it's precisely this that's ahead of me. Further, I've been told by an OH&S expert that people in New Norfolk are also burning plastic in their wood burners (and potentially in their incinerators as well) during the winter. In fact, apparently bits of black carbon can be seen floating and mixed in with the fog/smog!! The expert said that I will not survive such conditions this coming winter.

On a more positive note, I've been able to get a no-interest loan to purchase an $1,100 Air Purifier. So, if I can survive a lower payment on my Disability Pension for the next few months, I might get clean air inside my unit and, if stuck here all through winter, may end up like the Bubble Girl and stuck indoors breathing filtered air! If I have to go out into the fog, I'll have to wear a respirator that filters both wood smoke and chemical vapours.

This is not quite what I was expecting when leaving Sydney's permanent air pollution problem and arriving in an area that, at least in the warmer months, definitely had much cleaner air than Sydney. In fact, most of my asthma has gone, but I suspect that with the cooler weather (that actually appears to have already started down here where we are closer to Antarctica) the increasing wood smoke emissions will bring the asthma back.

I've had to keep all my windows and doors in this unit open 24/7 to ventilate/flush out the indoor air toxics, but there just had to be a cigarette smoker in this block of units who refuses to modift their precious smoking habits to essen the likelihood of my son and me being exposed to passive smoke. So, all day long and into the evening, cigarette smoke from the neighbouyr uses my unit as a chimney, sickening me greatly. At least once I get the air purifier, I can hermetically seal up the unit from the cigarette smoke as long as the purifier actually does what it's supposed to do. I have a good background in human and environmental health, so this tends to keep me going, even when circumstances appear totally against me.